Interface commande au volant pour renault clio, kangoo, mégane de 2000 à 2005 et twingo de 2000 à 2007

Interface commande au volant pour renault Clio, Kangoo, Megane de 2000 à 2005 et Twingo de 2000 à 2007

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Cette interface vous permet de récupérer les commandes au volant de votre Renault Clio, Kangoo, Mégane si vous avez changé l’autoradio d’origine et installé un autoradio de seconde monte (Sony, Alpine, JVC, Kenwood…).

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 5.

Cette interface commande au volant est compatible avec les autoradios des plus grandes marques comme Sony, JVC, Kenwood, LG, Pioneer, Parrot, Philips, Zenec, Panasonic et les autoradios chinois (avec 3 fils pour les commandes au volant). Choisissez la marque de votre autoradio dans le menu déroulant lors de l’ajout au panier.

En plus de l’interface de commande au volant, le produit sera livré avec un câble adapté à la marque de votre autoradio que vous aurez choisi dans le menu déroulant.

Attention : merci de bien vouloir vérifier que la connectique de l’image correspond à celle qui est installée dans votre véhicule avant l’achat du produit. Par ailleurs, vérifiez que votre nouvel autoradio soit compatible des commandes au volant sur l’étiquetage, la boite ou le mode d’emploi.

Caractéristiques principales du produit

  • Conservation des commandes au volant d’origine de votre véhicule même si vous avez installé un nouvel autoradio de seconde monte
  • Le fait de récupérer vos commandes au volant vous permettra de toujours conserver les yeux sur la route et de ne jamais regarder votre autoradio pour contrôler le volume ou changer de piste par exemple
  • Aucun besoin de couper les fils grâce à une connectique Plug & Play
  • Permet de récupérer les données originales du véhicule comme la date, l’heure, la température
  • Pour les autoradios qui possèdent la fonctionnalité de téléphonie (Bluetooth), l’interface permettra également de décrocher et raccrocher depuis les commandes au volant



  • Clio (jusqu'à 2000)
  • Espace 3 (jusqu'à 2000)
  • Kangoo (jusqu'à 2000)
  • Mégane (jusqu'à 2000)
  • Scénic (jusqu'à 2000)
  • Laguna (jusqu'à 2000)


  • Philips 22DC459 / 22D


Si vous n’arrivez pas à installer le produit par vous-même, il est fortement conseillé de passer par un garage professionnel. MP3MyCar fournit uniquement la pièce nécessaire ainsi que sa notice. Nous ne pouvons pas être tenus responsables de la mauvaise installation du produit et d’une éventuelle détérioration de votre matériel.


Contenu du Pack

  • Interface commandes au volant
  • Faisceau
  • Câble spécifique qui s’adapte à votre nouvel autoradio suivant la marque de celui-ci
  • Une notice d’installation



New product

How long is the warranty period for the products?

All our articles benefit from the legal guarantee provided by law in the Consumer Code and the Civil Code. It is therefore one year from the date of purchase or delivery of the item.

How long should I keep the original packaging?

You must keep your original packaging for the duration of the warranty in order to be able to use it if necessary. You must therefore keep it for one year.

Questions before purchasing our products

Question no. 1 - Why buy from
We sell quality products and offer you a customer service available by email, phone or chat, Monday to Friday. Thousands of customers trust us: join them!
Question no. 2 - Are MP3MyCar interfaces compatible with my vehicle?
Our interfaces are compatible with a large number of vehicles, however exceptions exist. Therefore, it is necessary to check on the site where the compatibility is specified for each vehicle and car radio or with our technicians (contact by phone or email) who can inform you quickly.
Question no. 3 - Where do I connect the MP3MyCar interface?
The interface connects behind your car radio to the CD changer slot. We offer you disassembly keys for the extraction of your car radio from its original location.
Question no. 4 - Can we continue to use the CD player on the front of the car radio once the interface is installed?
Of course, you can continue to use the CD player because it is completely independent of the MP3MyCar interface. However, when using the interface, no CDs should be left in the player, otherwise the car radio will prefer the CD to the interface.
Question no. 5 - Are the steering wheel controls retained?
Of course! You can continue to use your steering wheel controls, for example, increase or decrease the sound, change the track, pause...
Question no. 6 - Will my car radio display the name of the song, the artist with MP3MyCar interfaces?
Unfortunately no, this is not possible. You will not have any details about the name of the artist or the title of the song. However, the interface will display the CD number or track number.
Question no. 7 - My vehicle does not have a CD charger, will the interface work?
All vehicles have a CD changer connector even if it is not active, so the interface will work with or without a CD changer except for NISSAN vehicles. Indeed, if the vehicle has a CD charger the interface will not work.
Question no. 8 - I have a GPS built into my original vehicle, can I also install an MP3MyCar interface?
It depends on the make of the vehicle, you should check with our technicians. As far as recent vehicles with optical fibre are concerned, they are not compatible with our interfaces.
Question no. 9 - After having placed an order, can we pick up the product directly at your premises?
No, it's not possible.

General installation questions

Question no. 10 - Should the two wires (terminals, male/female surrounded by transparent plastic) be connected to each other?
Yes, you must connect these two wires (one inside the other) if the audio listening is not good in order to activate the noise filtering, which will avoid any interference when listening to your music.

Specific questions for Peugeot and Citroën vehicles - Same manufacturer, same interfaces

Question no. 11 - Where can I activate the CD changer function?
Especially for Peugeot & Citroën vehicles, activation is essential for a large number of models. Simply go to your dealer or a car garage for activation, they will activate the CD changer function via the diagnostic case. The operation is generally very fast. We also offer you a complete procedure for each Peugeot or Citroën product.

Specific questions for Audi/VVG/Seat/Skoda vehicles - Same manufacturer, same interfaces

Question no. 12 - Where to connect the ground wire on the interface?
It must be connected to a screw or the car radio casing (the metal part). We still recommend the screw because the connection will be more robust. Without the ground wire connection, the interface will not work properly.

Specific questions for Renault vehicles

Question no. 13 - When I connect the MP3MyCar interface, the sound only comes out of the right or left speaker, how do I solve the problem?
This is due to an imbalance in the sound on the right or left side of your speakers. To remedy this, you can adjust the speakers balance in the expert menu of your car radio.
Question no. 14 - I have an Update List car radio, what can you recommend?
First of all, for all vehicles with the Update List car radio, the auxiliary function must be activated by a dealer if it is not already active. In addition, simple auxiliary cables do not work on this type of car radio. You will have to go to the MP3MyCar auxiliary boxes specially designed for this type of car radio.

Specific questions for Nissan vehicles

Question no. 15 - Where can I connect the red and yellow wires on the interfaces?
The red wire goes directly to the connector after contact and the yellow wire is placed directly on the 12V power supply.

Questions after purchasing our products

Question no. 16 - The product does not meet my expectations or is not compatible with my vehicle. I would like to make an exchange, what is the procedure?
In the case of distance selling, the customer has a period of thirty clear days from delivery to inform of his intention to withdraw. The customer will inform MP3MyCar of his willingness to exercise his right of retraction through the Customer Service Return form, it is mandatory to complete and send this form before any return otherwise we will not be able to establish a refund, credit, exchange... . We process messages received from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm Monday to Friday. The technical team will send you a return form to fill in, if necessary, and send us WITH the product concerned by the return. Concerning the return form, no information requested from you in this form is superfluous and none needs to be added, please fill in all the fields concerning you, otherwise we will not be able to establish a refund, credit note, exchange... . Information and written explanations other than on a return form will not be taken into account (newspaper stub, half sheet, a well presented form, etc.). If all the conditions mentioned above are met, we will refund you within 7 to 30 days, or we will exchange your product 2 to 3 days after receipt of your return to our premises, or we will provide you with a credit note upon receipt of the package.
Question no. 17- I would like to know when I will receive my package?
During the preparation of your order, the MP3MyCar team will provide you with an email tracking number that will allow you to track the progress of your package until it arrives at your home. Indeed it makes it possible to locate the location of your parcel and to follow its routing through France, Europe or the World. If you have not received a tracking number please contact us.