Our company

MP3MyCar is a company specialized in the development and sale of a wide range of interfaces and auxiliary adapters for all types of vehicles: Bluetooth, USB, SD interfaces, steering wheel control recovery interfaces and other automotive accessories.

These adapters allow the connection of modern multimedia devices wireless or not, in a simple way without modification within the vehicle.

Our mission

Since the creation of MP3MyCar, we have strived to ensure its users maximum satisfaction from the multimedia experience in their vehicle. We provide quality products as well as an increasingly complete service through fast and controlled delivery, and a customer service always attentive.

Customer Service

We promote easy access to information through an efficient and quality customer service, reachable by phone, online chat, or email, in order to establish a relationship of trust. In this perspective all our products are guaranteed 1 year and we take into account your opinion by passing by an independent opinion collector (external to our structure), Avis-Verifies.com, after order.

Que se passe-t-il quand je commande un produit ?

Processus de commande chez MP3MyCar.fr

Key figures

  • More than 60 000 orders since its creation
  • Average 1950 visits perday
  • Over 500 different products